At Banstead Dental care  we understand the difficulty of nervous patients even phoning a dental practice. If you are feeling anxious or worried please let us know, we treat all our patients with care, compassion and respect. Let us help you receive dental treatment in a pleasant and relaxed environment here at Banstead Dental Care. You can call us on 01737-350068, or email

Dental Sedation

For patients who are extremely nervous or phobic of dental treatment we offer IV sedation to help relax them during treatment. We use a combination of sedative and pain-relieving drugs to create a more relaxed environment before the dental procedure commences.

Dental sedation is carried out intravenously (IV) using a drug called Midazolam which is injected directly into the bloodstream via a cannula, placed in the bend of your arm or on the back of the hand. During IV sedation, you are not unconscious but in a dream-like state of deep calm relaxation. The sedation lasts between 1-2 hours and when you wake you will have no memory of the treatment and you will be fully recovered the following day. IV sedation is a safe, effective and less costly alternative to general anaesthetic.

 After IV sedation treatment you will not be able to return to work or drive that day. For treatment to commence an escort must be present, they must take you home after treatment and be with you at all times for the 12 hours following treatment.

 Who is suitable?

Anyone who is fit and healthy can have sedation, however sedation is particularly helpful for patients with a strong fear or phobia of the dentistry, patients who have had a traumatic or negative experience in the past, patients with a strong gag reflex or patients with long and complicated treatment procedures, such as dental implants.

 Who carries out the sedation?

Our qualified sedationist colleagues at ‘Sedation Solutions’ carry out the dental sedation. We are delighted to have the services of Dr Jusof Omar, who is highly regarded in the UK and worldwide for his dental sedation experience.

DentalPhobia Certified

Dr Rakhi Amlani is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist. Click here for verification.